In the spirit of a Budwesier campaign, I’d like to salute the clients of 2011. Real clients of genius for allowing me to work with them. 😉


In calendar year order, a huge thank you to:

  1. Permission for the nerf guns and opportunities
  2. RentSmart for a smarter way to buy through a customer lifecycle
  3. Inghams for talking a lot of turkey & launching a new social media platform for mealtime success
  4. IT Consult for refreshing and protecting IT online
  5. PETstock for workshopping the pet family
  6. Lonsdale London for starting the journey towards a digital retail evolution
  7. Adventure Megastore (now Shoeologist) for starting a footwear revolution in Facebook – freeyourfeet
  8. NBN Co for workshops on rolling digital communications out to developers, retail service providers and consumers
  9. Nestle for refocusing their world of consumer relationships
  10. NRMA Motoring & Services for driving data clarity on email governance
  11. Newcastle Airport for safely flying into social media
  12. BigPond Shopping for evolving their approach to relevance & conversion
  13. Yates for green gardening inspiration
  14. TrinityP3 and Priceline for the assessment of marketing plans and CRM agency services
  15. Wunderman and Microsoft for looking out new Windows, creating partnerships in the cloud and growing a bigger Small Business market
  16. AMEX for being merchants of digitisation
  17. FivePlus for putting the passion into building better business sales people

So I salute you real clients of genius and thank you for allowing me into your world.

Here’s to 2012. Hopefully I won’t lose all my hair!