It has been an extremely rewarding (and busy) first fourteen years of independent project consulting and go-to-market advisory. Having now worked on over 275 projects.

My team and I remain humbled and forever grateful to have worked with inspiring people and organisations who are open to change.

Ask about our recent case studies:

  1. Customer value analysis and loyalty program assessment for a major Australian retailer
  2. Brand positioning, CVP for Australia’s leading allied health company resulting in 3x growth in 2 years
  3. Full funnel customer acquisition journey and ROI assessment for an online education provider
  4. Positioning strategy for Canadian not-for-profit. Patient-centric technology solution for Retinoblastoma – Children’s eye cancer

Here’s a flavour of how we’ve helped businesses Go To Market

Australian retailer – with TrinityP3, I conducted a top level martech and adtech review for a major Australian retailer. Identifying the tools, systems, platforms being utilised. And how first party data was captured, managed, governed and utilised for targeting, personalisation and improved performance.

The Laptop Initiative – Created strategy to challenge the Australian advertising industry to spark behavioural change in the corporate world. To donate used laptops to people most in need (asylum seekers/refugees, women affected by domestic violence, and disadvantaged youth). If you can help, then please contact The Laptop Initiative directly here

Canadian not-for-profit. Created the positioning strategy for the the International Retinoblastoma Consortium’s e-health solution, Depict Health. A patient centric, all in one technology solution for the management of children’s eye cancer care. If you would like to get involved from a philanthropic donation perspective, or some other way, then please contact them here

South Australian Family Office advisory – helped re-position a South Australian family office and high net worth advisory service.

Leading Australian retailer – Helicopter assessment of loyalty program and approach to customer data. Conducted lifetime value data analysis, and developed framework for program evolution.

Higher eduction – facilitated workshop via TrinityP3 to help evolve to a desired future state – to build a data-empowered, digitally led integrated model that can better service future requirements.

Australian retailer, wholesaler and foodservice provider – worked on developing market position and go-to-market strategy for local business app and e-commerce solution.

Fast growth asset management company – facilitated PR agency pitch process for TrinityP3 with client to select a new, specialist B2B PR agency.

Lodge Lorien – exclusive luxury accomodation. Go-to-market advisory for new high end, exclusive, luxury accommodation in Glenorchy, New Zealand. At $20,000 a night, it is an experience to behold. Including: go-to-market strategy, pricing, name development, logo, website design and creation, trade marketing program, social media activity, PR program, process manuals, and certification. Visit:

Vetz Petz (Antinol) – helped with global objective and KPI setting to assist with growth commitments across Japan, US, UK, and Australian markets. Including data analytics to identify key trends in vet clinic and pet owner value segments.

Global beverages company – with TrinityP3. Provided an independent and objective assessment of the ‘current state’ internal media structure and capability, in conjunction with the external media agency. With core recommendations on how to best to transform the model, operation, and approach for next stage maturity growth.

Swim Express – assist with go-to-market business development strategy and execution for privately funded Swim Centre app. Targeting swim centres to improve relationships and communications between centre, swim teachers and parents.

State government business unit – with TrinityP3. Invited to assess and benchmark its agency panel, and make recommendations to align it more closely to the marketing requirements.

Poolwerx – with TrinityP3. Facilitated market scan, digital agency pitch, and agency appointment.

Australian financial services – with TrinityP3. Facilitated cross-divisional strategic change workshops. To align objectives, strategy and key initiatives.

State energy company – with TrinityP3. Assessed current call centre and back office supplier. To identify efficiency and service solution gains.

Australian university – with TrinityP3. Facilitation of embedding a prioritisation framework and methodology for more efficient marketing team workload management.

Canadian Telco – with TrinityP3. Audit of paid digital advertising activity across 11 decentralised business units, digital teams, use of martech and adtech, use of 3rd party and 1st party data, and the current state of collaboration, ROI measurement and governance.

Boutique winery – developed new positioning, CVP and tone of voice for Bonics Australia. Their natural, chemical free wine is turning the wine industry upside down. Take a look at how they do it by harnessing the power of nature. Visit @ Bonics Australia.

Online university strategy audit – project to audit and assess the marketing strategy, end-to-end student experience, and conversion pathway through to acquisition for post-grad online study with an Australian Go8 university. To determine the level of alignment, sophistication and performance versus industry practice. Uncovering key opportunities to improve and evolve.

Altius Group – project to develop a new strategic positioning, expressed as “Elevating Wellbeing”, value statement, and human centred approach to marketing their premium wellness and Allied health services across Australia.

Asset management industry leader – project advisory with TrinityP3 to procure a new end to end digital and data-driven agency.

Education industry service – project advisory with TrinityP3. Marketing team approach and agency roster alignment.

Superannuation – project advisory with TrinityP3. Marketing team approach and agency roster alignment.

Local Community Storytelling – strategy and communications advisory to local community storytelling initiative curated by Karen Sander. Join StoryRoom Aus on the northern beaches. More info here

Property Asset Management – project advisory with TrinityP3. Digital agency search and procurement.

B2B content marketing strategy, BlueMelon – bringing to life the LinkedIn / Microsoft content partnership status. Focussed on humility, mastery, and the deep specialism required to earn the preferred partnership accolade: Official Linkedin APAC Content Marketing Agency.

Member owned, health and wellbeing company – project advisory with TrinityP3. To help the company tailor a management framework and decision-making process for the prioritisation of all marketing projects and briefs in the areas of health, wealth and living for the Australian community.

Energy company – project advisory with TrinityP3. Worked with one of Australia’s leading energy companies to assess their approach to media and creative advertising. To consolidate a picture of the current state, and to help define success factors for future opportunities within the context of a business wide transformation.

Womens Health Victoria / shEqual – project advisory with TrinityP3. shEqual is led by Women’s Health Victoria – a statewide women’s health promotion, advocacy and support service tackling gender inequality in the advertising industry. We assisted in an Australian advertising agency market assessment for targeting purposes.

Global charitable organisation –  project advisory with TrinityP3. Aligning internal divisions and marketing budget allocations. Managing a consolidated creative and media agency search and selection pitch process.

EMAPTA – evolved the positioning for a premium offshoring and talent outsourcing company based in the Philippines. EMAPTA offers a more cost-effective way for businesses to scale and build teams their way. It’s about totally rethinking and reimagining how to build and operate a company, accessing the new global workforce of the future. Developed a new brand visual look, feel and tone of voice to support the new employee and customer value propositions. Creative ideation and development with Noble Brands Worldwide. New website architecture and build:

Telecommunications company – project advisory with TrinityP3. Benchmarking, optimisation, search and selection of the digital / direct agency role within the roster of agency suppliers.

International charitable organisation  – project advisory with TrinityP3. Rationalisation of the organisations’ agency roster. Assisting with new creative and media agency search and selection.

Australian superannuation and pension fund – project advisory with TrinityP3. Marketing team alignment project. Identifying the degree of inefficiency in the current structure to deliver marketing initiatives. Assisting change to address the operational complexity, duplication and fragmentation. 

State Government Tourism Marketing agency – project advisory with TrinityP3. Strategic marketing alignment after the impact of Covid 19. Helping the tourism body identify greater efficiency in delivering its marketing requirements with the oganisational delivery capability. Embedding a new approach to marketing project and task prioritisation.

Home appliances global brand – emotional benefit positioning for master brand involving workshop facilitation process: insight generation, benefit mapping, laddering, and value proposition.

Winmark Wines – strategic positioning and framework for luxury product and service experience. Developing the unique consumer value proposition out of the authentic values, brand personality, and core benefits that map to their overarching  business mission, vision, and purpose.

State tourism organisation – project advisory with TrinityP3. Assist in developing a ‘prioritisation’ way of working in managing business activities and marketing projects. The result being an agreed, organisation-wide approach to differentiating the development of business cases and briefings, allocating resources, timings and measuring the efficiency within the overall system.

Government-owned postal and parcel service – project advisory with TrinityP3. Identification of how ‘match-fit’ the current team culture, marketing structures, processes, team skill sets, roles & responsibilities are. Assist with recommendations and changes to optimise productivity and improve the performance of the marketing teams in delivering the strategy as the industry develops and innovates.

Multinational optical retail chain – project advisory with TrinityP3. Marketing team and partner agency roster model assessment. To assist with transformation from current to future state marketing requirements: structure, capability, processes, and defining the marketing culture.

Education sector – project advisory with TrinityP3. Marketing organisational design and capability assessment for a leading NSW University. Comparing against the higher education (HE) and relevant non-HE sector best practice.

Warringah Electorate Candidate (Susan Moylan-Coombs) –  overview strategy for the first independent candidate to put her hand up to run against former prime minister Tony Abbott at the 2019 Australian federal election.

Australian superannuation fund – advisory with TrinityP3. Assessment and valuation of naming rights sponsorship package opportunity. Including cost / market value, and leverage market value equations.

Wellness service consultancy – strategic positioning for transformative wellness services (Coaching, Counselling, Yoga, Pilates).

Education sector – advisory with TrinityP3. Assessment of creative services capability, and processes efficiency of creating Brand and Corporate Marketing, Student Recruitment activity, print materials, and Web and Digital presence, for a leading South Australian University.

Bill payment fintech group – project advisory with TrinityP3. Internal strategic alignment of marketing department capability, processes and agency roster including advertising, research, PR, and digital agencies. Resulting in new ways of working and agency engagement based on value generation and collaboration.

Multinational telecommunications company – advisory with TrinityP3. Agency roster assessment and rationalisation models for local markets: Malaysia / Thailand. Resulting in tiered cost and value models for new agency engagement.

Children’s hospital – project advisory with TrinityP3. Digital ecosystem transformation assessment including business unit collaboration, internal studio capability, and cost reallocation modelling.

Vetz Petz – technology and marketing strategy review for Asia / US markets. Facilitated migration to new global technology platform – Episever. Developed new user journey strategy and content flows based on data analysis and personalisation capability. Establishment of integrated data management and ordering systems.

Canon – an independent assessment of tech stack, data infrastructure, single customer view platform, and customer-centric marketing strategy for Canon’s business transformation in Australia. Managed data analytics project to build a customer value & engagement model to identify insights from the mass of business-wide data (which was pulled together and assigned to a unique MyCanon ID).

Nestle – workshop facilitation and planning for transformation to aligning the new Personal Consumer Experience.

Verve Portraits – an immersive photographic experience celebrating life through art. Conducted strategic planning workshops to map out consumer journeys and help evolve Verve’s direct to consumer marketing model and positioning for their consumer and new business imaging services. Included assessing current data capture systems, consumer profiling, persona creation, core audience segmentation and defining the roles of channels within the consumer journey.

Lavender agency – new business development. Strategic positioning for key client CRM transformation project.

Elysian Psychotherapy Clinic – refined marketing strategy, value proposition, and product/pricing model for their Employee Assistance Program. Helping employees solve conflict and challenges at work through meaningful inner work (holistic psychotherapy) in order to achieve higher personal and business performance. Contact Helen or Kristin if you’re an employer or employee that may need some assistance

Moneytech – trade marketing acquisition strategy, and creative campaign, for Fintech solution targeting independant liquor retail groups during the festive season.

The Gaimaragal Group – strategic positioning and marketing planning for a high profile indigenous and non-indigenous wellness event driven by Susan Moylan-Coombs. Creating a new story of connection for all Australians.

Visitor destination organisation – with TrinityP3. Independent assessment and budgeting of global social media content creation, distribution and deployment with key global markets (English and non-English speaking).

Australian full-service bank – with TrinityP3. Independent assessment of agency roster to identify alignment to strategy and identify any capability gaps, duplication in effort and operational inefficiencies. Project is to be followed with an internal assessment of Bankwest’s resource capability, structures and marketing processes.

Financial literacy investment – with TrinityP3. Independent assessment of financial literacy programs and the related performance metrics across three global markets. To assist in identifying the true value of the programs being conducted on behalf of financial instituions (the program sponsors) in schools and  higher education outlets.

Mobile telecommunications – with TrinityP3. Facilitated CRM and deployment technology partner review and procurement process.

Mens Health NGO – with TrinityP3. Marketing performance and measurement review. Assessment of 2016 activity across their big 4 markets (USA, UK, Canada, and Australia). Recommendations provided on how to evolve and optimise for 2017 and beyond.

Multinational automotive manufacturer – with TrinityP3. Customer centric transformation advisory service. Internal structure review and alignment. Lead agency roster model creation and alignment.

Smoking cessation program – with TrinityP3. Digital transformation training workshops for smoking cessation division in UK.

Multinational automotive manufacturer – with TrinityP3. 3D retail configurator advisory and supplier procurement process.

State tourism organisation – independent content marketing assessment with their CMO via TrinityP3. Assessment of 7 dimensions (each with 4 sub-dimensions):

  1. Business Alignment
  2. Content Marketing maturity (including technology, systems and platforms)
  3. Resource mix and structure
  4. Content Marketing management processes & governance
  5. Insight generation
  6. Content marketing engagement (paid, owned, earned)
  7. Performance and value measurement

Moneytech – a business finance solutions company for mid market Australian businesses. Helped create a new human to human era marketing strategy grounded in new company values, an inspiring purpose, defined value proposition, and newly mapped customer journey.

Automotive – developed market positioning and strategic plan for launching a global automotive brand back into Australia. From the master brand through to product value propositions.

InvoiceX – with Step Change, Reef Digital and Sefiani PR. Facilitated market proposition refinement and customer lifecycle marketing plan for FinTech start-up InvoiceX. They’re a game changer focused on bringing the sharing economy to growing small businesses. Opening up fast access to private investor cash for business cash flow needs and growth opportunities through trading invoices, without all the red tape.

Digital analytics training – conducted full day training workshops for Digital Brief and The Australian Marketing Institute in Sydney and Melbourne.  Details here

Ayers Management – developed strategic positioning and content marketing strategy and story for Ayers Management. An Australian based challenger brand in contractor and outsourced payroll management.

On The Run  – Helped transform paper loyalty card program for the OTR fuel, QSR and convenience retail franchise network (110 outlets) to new mobile App, including best practice global loyalty and mobility assessment, pre-pay, pre-order, charity, transactional ID profiling, segmentation, defining the Value/Loyalty matrix, ROI projection and wireframe assessment.

Thompson’s – with Paykel Media. developed Australia, NZ, Asia communications strategies for Thompson’s herbal supplements range. Grounded in herbal health market, product and consumer insights. Focussed on more relevant and emotional moments of connection. Aligning all paid, owned and earned media channels (management, staff, retailers, TV, radio, out of home, paid search, website, digital, social, and email).

Thursday Plantation – with Paykel Media. Developed short term and long term communications strategy for Thursday Plantation’s product range and 100+ uses. Aligning the creative and media strategies to a common purpose and framework. Defining the role of media channels in the context of a consumer’s journey, and establishing success metrics for activity.

Global coffee brand – assessed major digital project and costs for a new flagship retail store in Korea via TrinityP3. The digital elements were around A$1M including digital screens/signage/self-service menus, m-commerce App, POS integration, loyalty program, beacons/proximity marketing, smart juke box, smartphone controlled LED lighting, major social media integrations, and more. Resulted in a 7% cost reduction and very happy client.

Mobile telecommunications – conducted marketing operations review for Optus’ Customer Marketing, Communications and Engagement Teams via TrinityP3. Involved current state assessment, best practice transformation trends, operations model review, and realignment around people, process and performance.

Multinational automotive manufacturerfacilitated outsourced contact centre review for Lexus Procurement and Customer Marketing via TrinityP3. Pitch process involving incumbent and selected Australian contact centres (onshore).

Foodies Australia – consultancy to help unearth their true storytelling potential and point of difference in the speciality food market.

Fisher & Paykel / Haier – resource and strategic planning project including media agency review and pitch advisory.

TrinityP3 – Interview: Three questions on the challenges facing customer centric relationship marketers

Specsavers – contact lens digital banner campaign, resource, assets design and production rates assessment via TrinityP3

Water NSW (the organisation responsible for managing raw water supply across the State) – digital consultancy for website transformation and budget setting – including research, UX and prototyping, front end design, technical back end build, systems integrations, and project management. Via TrinityP3

Virgin Mobile – customer data, segmentation, CRM, technical infrastructure, and resource capability assessment via TrinityP3

Greyhound Racing NSW – Greyhounds As Pets Program – Helped agency, Together Creative, pitch strategically and win this sustainable future for NSW pet greyhounds project. For those unaware, thousands of greyhounds are unfortunately put down after their racing careers. The industry is now focussed on helping many of these wonderful dogs get retrained and rehomed. The campaign focuses on debunking many of the myths that surround greyhounds. Did you know they are one of the most affectionate and loving dog breeds, and can sleep up to 20 hours a day? They also need much less room than many smaller breeds. If interested, then please contact today.

GlaxoSmithKline Children’s Panadol – Assessment of CRM loyalty proposal. Analysis of data variables, agency partner resources, rates and desired outcomes. Via TrinityP3.

Sensis – Assessment and benchmarking of search engine advertising rate card, management fee structure, and market value proposition. Via TrinityP3

Volkswagen Group Australia – Managed agency pitch process for VW Passenger, Commercial and Skoda business units via TrinityP3 including Brand, Digital, CRM, and Sponsorship agencies.

Tourism NZ – Financial and digital scope of work assessment of web environment maintenance and service level support agreement via TrinityP3 Resulting in over 36% in cost savings to Tourism NZ.

Westpac Group Procurement – Supplier e-ordering program planning and procurement value creation – relationships, innovation, commercialisation, via TrinityP3

Fairfax – Digital marketing assessment, resource and capability transformation  via TrinityP3 Including manage agency pitch process for brand, direct response, and PR/event agencies.

NSW Transport – Agency digital marketing assessment including responsive design interactive YouTube video story via TrinityP3

Volkswagen Group Australia – Sponsorship value and ROI assessment of Sydney Swans, AFL Team via TrinityP3

TAL Life Insurance – E-commerce website assessment via TrinityP3 including budget allocation and agency negotiation for InsuranceLine

Employ Group – Lead generation, nurturing and acquisition strategy for Aussiepay via Permission – Australia’s leading outsourced managed payroll service

LTG GoldRock Repositioned financial advisory and support business undergoing business transformation. With focus on lead nurturing, conversion, and customer experience

Petbarn ‘Friends for Life’ Loyalty Marketing program assessment and customer experience evolution, including global best practice and competitor review

McDonalds Australia – Digital budget assessment via TrinityP3 for the localisation of a global web platform. Including local and global agency budget analysis and cost alignments

Honda Australia Facilitated market assessment and supplier pitch  via TrinityP3 for outsourcing their Contact Centre (Outbound lead nurturing and Inbound Customer Care)

Musica Viva Australia Digital BluePrint via Permission to align all communication channels and open up the world of live classical music to a wider audience

Australian Industry Group Organisation wide Content Marketing audit and assessment via Edge including global best practice review, weighted scoring model and transformation recommendation to a more member-centric marketing structure, approach and strategy

Gloria Jean’s Coffees Digital transformation project to audit and align digital owned and operated platforms  to the new brand positioning and business objectives

Edge Business transformation project to lead the content marketing revolution in Australia involving market positioning and value proposition, targeting, new product development and measurement platform

Adventure World Travel Digital and direct to customer transformation project for NRMA’s adventure travel brand

Wesley Mission Developed sustainable website engagement strategy to deliver on key business objectives

Australian Hearing Help position Australian Hearing as the leading voice in the industry by getting hearing impairment on Australian’s health radar. Develop lifecycle marketing strategy for core target audiences

Caltex Vortex Created the Brand Story and Content Marketing Platform  to drive greater loyalty to premium fuel in Australia

Sony Data Analytics Data analytics and email results review for 5 core Sony customer programs to take them to the next level

GE Money Strategic supplier alignment project with Trinity P3, CHE, & m2m. Marketing, media, data, measurement, budget and resource assessment to identify areas of inefficiency and recommendations of short and long term opportunities for a more efficient and effective agency / client relationship

Virgin Australia Assessment of Retail Marketing Communications activity by channel (owned, earned and paid including Vmail, Velocity, Website, Social – Facebook & Twitter, Advertising – offline and online) to identify underperformance and areas of opportunity

Audi Digital Services Assessment of agency suppliers via TrinityP3 including resource structures, transparency, license arrangements, data management and protocols, technology and reporting frameworks

Microsoft Strategic planning to define the Marketing Strategies for Partner, Small Business & Windows groups. Defined the role of social media and content frameworks for owned media channels (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn) with Wunderman (global CRM agency)

Nestle Re-focussed and evolved the Nestle CRM program based on new business vision. Integrating the ‘happily health project’

TrinityP3 Conducted agency resource and remuneration benchmarking, including CRM technology & services assessment for API Priceline’s Loyalty Card Club

Permission (independent digital CRM agency) Developed agency re-positioning to ‘unlock the power of permission’. Productised and commercialised the BluePrint planning workshop process for over 10 new client wins.

Procter & Gamble Redefined the market position and value proposition, target market segmentation, communications strategy and ROI metrics for ‘beauty enthusiasts’ in Australia.

AMEX Digital transformation project to developed a more effective framework for digital lifecycle communications.

Yates Restructured the digital & social media engagement program. Developed new customer centric segmentation strategy.

Gloria Jean’s Creation of innovative Facebook App and integrated sales activation strategy called ‘FriendSip’ to drive incremental coffee moments.

Ingham   Created ROI driven direct to consumer communications program. Developed social media platform for family mealtime success.

NRMA Email scope study, business case and data audit across 17 business units within the NRMA Group.

National Broadband Network (NBN Co) Creation of new email communications platform for builders, developers, retail service providers, stakeholders and end-users as the NBN rolls out across Australia.

Newcastle Airport Defining the role of social media – content framework and guidelines.

Sidchrome Developed acquisition strategy via social media, retail events and localised car stunts to create consumer groundswell.

BigPond Shopping Evolved the BigPond Shopping digital relationship marketing program.

THAI Airways Developed unique Blog strategy for THAI Orchid Plus Frequent Flyers based on destination and sensory experiences.

Kimberly-Clark, Huggies Baby Club Created a more engaging toilet training program for Pull Ups product.

Global Red Developed Loyalty Club evolution strategy for Specialty Fashion Group

IT Consultancy Group Conducted marketing planning workshop to re-structure sales approach and new web presence.

How To Impact (innovation agency) Created NPD research and territory positioning for Kellogg’s heart health cereal