I recently wrote a post for TrinityP3 (global marketing management consultancy) on the reasons why direct marketing isn’t dead in today’s digital era.

It focussed on defining what direct marketing actually is, and how it has been put on steroids in a digital world.

And offers 3 core reasons as to why you should reassess your view of direct marketing:

  1. the word ‘digital’ is an excuse to label anything new, not old
  2. the marketing funnel is dead, and consumers can now discover a brand, engage in the brand world, and purchase all in one experience
  3. brands are dead, and we buy from online platforms and marketplaces now

If you’d like to read all about it, then please click here

I was inspired by Lester Wunderman who sadly passed away on January 9 at the ripe old age of 98. I have worked for the Wunderman agency in Sydney where we applied his direct marketing learnings and wisdom.

He was ahead of his time and famously once said:

“I am absolutely convinced that the future of our industry lies with the large, highly competitive manufacturing companies, which must increasingly bring their selling and marketing influence closer to the consumer.”

The post also sparked some great debate in LinkedIn, with the majority of people conversing about their experiences. Feel free to join the conversation here too.

I wonder what your views on direct marketing are?