OES project

I was invited to assess the go-to-market acquisition process for a leading Australian University via Online Education Services (OES). Looking at the new student recruitment journey.

OES has been at the forefront of innovative higher education solutions for more than a decade now. Partnering and collaborating with university and Vocational Education and Training (VET) partners. Their focus is to enhance the study experience and help attract new student audiences.


The aim of the project was to determine the level of alignment, sophistication and performance of the acquisition journey versus industry practice. With the aim of uncovering opportunities to improve and/or evolve if identified.


I conducted a 15-point diagnostic of all areas of the marketing activity, including:

  • the level of alignment to brand position, objectives and strategy;
  • the level of alignment across the business units involved;
  • the level of connection to specific course CVPs;
  • identification of the sophistication level of martech utilisation and the data footprint for uncovering insights and conducting smarter targeting;
  • the degree of lead quality filtering and personalisation; and more.
  • and of course the assessment of the rigour around budget allocation, value delivery and ROI.

Acquisition Journey Findings

The specific findings are confidential. However, there were a wide variety of opportunities to change and enhance what they were doing.

A core opportunity existed to create more emotional connection and relevance. And take an even more student-centric approach to study needs and readiness.

Specific recommendation was made to identify what “student-centricity” actually means. Ensuring this could permeate across all divisions and touch points throughout the student registration, payment and course commencement journey.

As I call it, there was a great opportunity to ‘flip the funnel’. To re-look at the media targeting and budget allocations to ensure value was front and centre in combination with lead generation volume.

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