The Altius Group project

“Help drive growth by uniting our positioning.”

A great business and marketing challenge requested by Altius’ CEO, Derick Borean; and CFO, Lyndon Brill.

Altius is Australia’s leading allied health company. It provides innovative health, employment, risk and claim solutions nationally.

Evidence-based from a team of occupational therapists, clinical and organisationally-trained registered psychologists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and workplace rehabilitation counsellors.

Derick Borean Altius

Altius CEO, Derick Borean

The solution

As I delved into the business with Derick and his leadership team, it was clear that I had to help find commonalities across the 6 core business units, spanning:

  1. employee assistance
  2. management programs
  3. workplaces
  4. mental health
  5. disability, the NDIS
  6. therapeutic support

It was also critical to ensure that the positioning stretched across all their target audiences:

  • internal staff and front line service and support teams
  • insurers
  • workplace managers
  • workers
  • NDIS  participants
  • workers employed with a health condition and their support networks.

A tough challenge indeed. However, never impossible.

The new positioning

It started by understanding why Derick had started the business. Understanding the gap that he had identified in the Australian market back in 2001.

And how he got to the name – Altius – which is latin for higher.  You may remember from the Olympic motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius – Faster, Higher, Stronger.

Derick’s focus was, and still is, to provide a bespoke, tailored model of service and support for every need that improves health outcomes. 

After a series of planning workshops, the agreed market position, employee value proposition, and customer value proposition started to emerge.

Focussed on the power of the Group of companies under the Altius banner.

That together, provide a premium end-to-end health solution like no other. With the purpose of supporting businesses and people to restore their physical and mental health.

We expressed it as elevating the wellbeing of every person, business, and community.

In short, Elevating Wellbeing.

The outcome

Now Derick and his teams have a clear and consistent rallying cry.

One that unites their teams and culture. Which permeates across all areas of the business. And resonates with the front line staff and customers.

There is no unrealistic highest level of potential as a claim. Just the promise of ‘elevating your wellbeing’ from whatever point you are at in life.

‘Elevating Wellbeing’ provides clarity, consistency, and simplicity in a complex market.

If you’d like to see more, then click here and watch the introduction video on the home page. Produced by Fysh Productions.

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The result

Two years in and the Group has not doubled its growth (which was the objective).

But tripled.

3x growth is an incredible result.

Testament to a great CEO, laser focus on culture and team behaviour, and a united force.

I’m super proud and humbled to have played a role in their next stage of growth.