As an independant consultant I often bump into old colleagues or clients who ask “what on earth are you up to now?”

So here’s a quick, gratuitous, blowing of my own trumpet. I have been a busy bee working with inspiring people.

A snapshot of latest projects:

  • Facilitated a data-driven strategy for a challenger brand via TrinityP3. Helping the CEO, 6 divisional leaders (including branded comms, marketing, digital/social, call centre, data/insights, and tech delivery), and an external agency establish a profit (value), loyalty and engagement strategy.
  • Reset a single customer view database strategy for a market leader undergoing significant competitor attack. Working with the legendary David Morgan (ex Samsung, Nestle and Bank West CMO). The project involved creating a database purpose grounded in the core business purpose, aligning KPIs to the business objectives, prioritising data variables and sources around high value customer engagement, defining what level of customer centricity could be realistically achieved, reassessing the IT infrastructure, and agreeing a realistic transformation timeline
  • Worked with a leading convenience network of over 100 retail outlets. Set a measurement framework and customer engagement strategy for their App launch to drive loyalty
  • Managed a strategic media agency review for Fisher and Paykel. Assessing how media agencies now define value & ROI versus the incumbent. Culminated in the transition from OMD Brisbane to Slingshot. Worked with Procurement and Marketing to implement a new, non-commission based, fee structure for total transparency.
  • Assessed agency suppliers via TrinityP3 for a West Australian group including: SEO, Paid Performance, Drupal developers, CRO (conversion rate optimisation), digital and social advertising and remarketing, and paid email list acquisition.

Can you have fun at work and actually become more productive?

Research and world’s best organisations say “yes”.

Microplay at work

I launched a new service last month called Microplay with Dina Cooper (professional coach and mentor). We ran our first corporate session complete with crazy story telling about the sky, beer and schnitzels. Plus hosted an epic remote control car race!

Microplay brings play into the workplace and shows managers and employees how to prepare the mind to play, creating a culture of positivity and productivity.

Take a look at our little video or fossic around via our home page here microplay

Growth Acceleration Planning (GAP)

I have also been working with Scott Mitchell, a shopper marketing and retail activation expert, to align Sales and Marketing activity within businesses.

Research proves that companies with strong sales and marketing alignment achieve 20% annual revenue growth versus -4% decline in laggard organizations.

We are constantly coming across plenty of growth inhibitors in businesses today, so we launched a consultancy product that helps unlock 16 dimensions to build marketing and sales capability, and plans to accelerate growth.

Fresh look

And last but not least, I updated my website and thought I’d also get a logo (now that I’m in my 7th year 😉

Thank you Carla, and Axel via Airtasker.

Is it a foot moving forward? Maybe full spinnaker into new waters? Or maybe you hate it?

All feedback welcome.