I worked with a leading, global real asset management group (ESR) that reached out via its Australian entity to TrinityP3.

I’m one of the senior consultants at TrinityP3 who assists marketers with a myriad of marketing management challenges. Ranging from marketing team structure, process alignment and digital transformation. To facilitating the procurement of agencies and streamlining the way their agencies work together


ESR Australia’s marketing and IT teams were looking to identify the most suitable, scalable digital platform to deliver on the business requirements, and look for a long-term digital agency partner to speed up website development and in-house capability.


With TrinityP3, I assessed the organisation as being in the early stages of building CRM, digital and data capability in Australia to support its medium-term and long-term growth targets.

We proposed a two-phase process for website redesign, rebuild, and digital transformation:

Firstly, we defined specific requirements around scalability; security; digital experience; content management and systems; software and data integrations; data and analytics capability; search filtering; and personalisation and automation functionality.

A full market review was undertaken to:

  • highlight programming languages and the impact on developer costs;
  • identify the pros and cons of open source versus SaaS solutions;
  • agree the sophistication levels of digital experience platforms, and headless versus hybrid versus traditional content management systems.

Four potential pathways were identified for moving forward based on decisioning against nine critical consideration areas.

Secondly, TrinityP3 provided independent support, advice and benchmarking at the critical stages of a managed digital agency tender process to find the best fit partner.


The result being the appointment of a new full stack, end-to-end digital agency with strategic, design, development and technical skillset and capability.

An agency that will also knowledge transfer and assist the client evolve it’s in-house capability.


When considering a digital platform or website solution it is important to weigh up many factors. With the speed of change in technology solutions it’s important to clearly identify the stage of maturity, level of sophistication and specific requirements prior to any consideration.

This will help prevent the procurement of high-end technology that may be severely underutilised, or solutions that are not best fit when weighing up complexity of use, workflows, agency cost and ongoing management of updates, and scalability,

We partnered with Trinity P3 for a Digital Marketing tender process. They provided a robust and comprehensive evaluation of the digital landscape while providing invaluable insights and strategic advice along the process.

Anton and the team were great to collaborate with and a pleasure to work with and has set us up to deliver digital marketing excellence.

Tanya Moore​​, Digital Marketing Manager, ESR Australia