Marketers and advisors are all talking about artificial intelligence. I recently spoke to some as part of TrinityP3’s weekly Managing Marketing podcast series.

I wanted to hear what is actually being created, tested, and optimised. To assess whether artificial intelligence is starting to add value to marketers. Or whether it is still being seen as a shiny toy.

The following people shared their views:

Brad Bennett, the Executive Strategy Director at MercerBell, Australia’s leading Customer Experience Agency™. Hailing from the USA, Brad talks about his tech background. And how it is helping him shape customer focussed marketing solutions for clients. You can listen to the podcast here

Jay Henderson, the Senior Vice President of Product Management at Acoustic (formerly Watson Customer Engagement). Jay talks about how machine learning algorithms should be seen as working together with marketers. Offering options and solutions for marketers to assess and consider, rather than being seen as a distrustful ‘black box’ of solutions running rampant by themselves. You can listen to the podcast here

John James, an independent strategic consultant for CxOs and Founders, focussed on growth and revenue. John talks about real life, measurable applications of artificial intelligence. Including a tool that he’s building for CMOs. To help reduce complexity and improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of marketing throughout the end to end process of the marketing funnel. You can listen to the podcast here

Henry Innis, the Chief Strategy Officer and Founder of Mutiny Group, a team of data scientists, engineers and strategists. Focussed on helping put the rigour and measurability back into marketing. Henry talks about how cloud computing and advances in deep learning models that sit within a neural network now help marketers to look forward and predict results.  Rather than viewing data as a retrospective exercise. You can listen to the podcast here

I’ve also written a full AI summary post, including interesting perspectives from:

  • Mauricio Perez, a Human Centred Design (HCD) strategist, specialising in Service Design, User Experience (UX) and Customer experience (CX). Mauricio assisted NIB (an Australian health care fund) on their chatbot called ‘Nibby’ utilising Amazon Alexa to assist health insurance enquiries.
  • Dave King, cofounder of agency Move37. Dave touched on some fascinating points in terms of using AI in partnership with people in the process of problem solving and creativity

You can read on here

Or feel free to contact Anton to discuss what you’ve been testing in the AI arena. I’d love to hear from you.