As many of you know I also consult through TrinityP3, a marketing management consultancy.

At TrinityP3, we help companies assess marketing performance on one hand, and agency performance on the other. As well as Executional Performance between them.

I’d like to share a case study that we recently posted to the TrinityP3 Blog.

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For this project I worked with a client to assess a CRM proposal that a specialist agency was proposing.

Click here to find out the challenges I unearthed.

And as a reminder, here are 10 factors that I believe are needed for successful CRM / loyalty programs:

1. Loyalty programs are not silver bullets. They do not stand alone. They need to be part of your integrated marketing strategy.

2. Create a shared vision across the organization on why the loyalty program is important.

3. Set realistic goals and objectives.

4. Ask customers what benefits really matter to them.

5. Don’t just collect data. Use your customer data to create actionable insight you can use to engage, keep and grow profitable customer relationships.

6. Make loyalty program benefits and incentives attainable and realistic.

7. Don’t copy your competitors with a “me too” program. Create a distinctive customer experience.

8. Empower all departments to leverage customer insight to better meet the customer’s needs.

9. Create and execute an ongoing customer communications plan that is relevant and consistent.

10. Measure success (ROI) at the campaign, customer and program level.

Click here to read the full case study as posted on the TrinityP3 Blog