Have you bought a daily deal from Catch of the Day, Groupon, Scoopon, Cudo, BigPond Shopping or some other group buying daily deal site?

If no, then you’re not helping them grow at a staggering 557%. I did my bit recently by buying a deal to Thailand.

So like me, if you’ve bought a daily deal, will you become loyal to that site?

I would argue not in their current form.

The deals are currently one size fits all or geo-targeted (ie: to a specific postcode or draw area). Why do I keep getting women’s beauty deals?

Surely their business model can move to a limited level of segmentation and provide more relevant deals for customers – still on a daily basis.

At the moment I have no loyalty to one provider and simply scan all offers until I find one that’s relevant for me. A lot of time wasting and negative experiences.

So no brand loyalty to one site in their current form

They’ve got to realise that offers need to be tailored to customer’s needs and that one size fits all each day is a dead end.

Get ready for another bubble burst!