Have you heard a few buzzwords lately in marketing?

“YES”, I hear you collectively shout.

The latest one I heard was a CEO saying he wanted “Digital Intimacy”. What the hell does that mean?

I wonder what terms you’ve heard? Here are a few more in one of my latest posts for TrinityP3.


I’ve also come across a lot of overcharging by suppliers claiming digital expertise. There seems to be a blinding of clients and marketers around technology, analytics, dashboards and other digital solutions.

Here’s a case study summary of assessing a digital project for a new retail concept store in South Korea. The project involved assessing:

  • digital touch screens/signage/kiosks/walls/maps/self-service menus
  • m-commerce and event/promotion App
  • Point Of Sale (POS) integration and database builds
  • Loyalty program and event messaging engine
  • QR code and barcode image syncing
  • beacon proximity technology and pre-ordering
  • digital ‘smart’ juke box with admin console, user play reservation and push messaging notifications before song requests play
  • 360 degree video
  • smart phone controllable LED lights with internal camera syncing
  • content micro site and library
  • e-gifting
  • re-marketing strategy
  • and as you can imagine, major social media integrations.

You’ll discover that there was potentially up to US$140,000 to be saved out of the $1M project.

Click here for the complete case study.