As we continue to turbo charge digital marketing activity that impacts the customer experience, it has never been a tougher time to identify what’s working, and what’s not in the marketing ecosystem.

With the explosion of video formats, social media and display ad options; and the shift to hyperpersonalisation based on content interaction, channel management and targeting are a major headache for most marketers today.

Not to mention the complexity in their MarTech toolkit. With CRM systems, analytics and measurement tools, automation and journey management programs, attribution tools, ad platforms, customer data platforms, data management platforms, artificial intelligence options, chatbots, and more.

But rising above all of these, one area reigns supreme and offers opportunity to stand out from the competition. And it’s a great reminder not to get lost down the digital rabbit hole.

Customer Experience

Get it right, and you can nudge people in the right direction, close a sale, or keep a customer for life.

Get it wrong, and you may lose a customer for life, along with the people that they tell their war story to.

My latest experience

I had a wonderful customer experience recently which brings this to life.

I was looking for a share trading platform to buy an international stock.

Being a relative novice, I shopped around, asked a few colleagues in the industry, and then joined one platform. Only to discover that they had a minimum quantity purchase through their platform of this stock. There had been no mention of this in the upfront journey which had taken 4 days.

Asking around a little more I was recommended to Saxo Markets.

The process of discovery and joining was easy. The interface was logical and straight forward. And I was up and running within hours without any limits.

Their customer support was fabulous. Actually, a real person! Who answered all my layman questions along the way, and never made me feel like a dunce.

Then I received a phone call that afternoon, from their Country Head of Direct Sales.

Just to welcome me as a customer of Saxo, to answer any questions that I may have had, and to have a chat.

No pressure, no script, just a genuine conversation with no hidden agenda.

All in all, it was a great customer experience based on satisfying my requirements and delivering a bit of good old fashioned customer service.

Relatively simple really. But highly impactful.

Make your prospects and customers feel good, and the rest will come.


Makes me continue to wonder though.

Why do so many other companies embed processes that are tiresome, frustrating and totally inefficient? They only serve to piss people off.

Drop me a message here if you’re struggling with creating consistent and compelling customer experiences. I’d love to hear what hurdles you’re facing.

* This stat comes from Salesforce’s 7th Edition State Of Marketing Report, conducted from May 4 through to June 3, 2021. Based on 8,227 responses globally from marketing managers, directors, VPs, and CMOs.