Apologies. It has been a few months since my last post. Life admin, Covid admin, and lots of chewy marketing consultancy challenges arising which has meant the head has been down.

I have been working with TrinityP3 on:

  • helping an Australian pension and superannuation fund to align their internal marketing team. Identifying the degree of inefficiency in their current structure. And assisting to address operational complexity, duplication and fragmentation.
  • assisting an international charitable organisation to rationalise their agency roster.  Helping them search, select and appoint a new creative and media agency.
  • establishing a new performance branding approach for a CMO. And developing a more efficient and effective alignment of their budget allocation, channel and media integration, and results assessment.
  • assisting a state Government Tourism Marketing agency to develop and embed a new approach to marketing project and task prioritisation.

It’s a really interesting era for marketers (and businesses).

A time to reassess resources, structures, processes and models. And establish new approaches that are more streamlined, efficient and effective.

Health and wellbeing challenge

I’ve also been developing a new strategic positioning and go-to-market strategy for Australia’s leading supplier of therapeutic support, health and wellbeing services.

In particular, bringing to life their purpose, human centred approach and evidence based specialisation to service provision.

Crafting value propositions, developing a new manifesto, agreeing the brand personality and expression, and crafting strategic frameworks for new customer, client, and B2B communication journeys.

On the front foot within 6 weeks

A complex set of chewy, strategic problems which were great to work through with their CEO and senior leadership team over an initial 6-week period.

And now we’re moving into the creative execution phase to bring it all to life.

As I always say, “a strategy is useless if it’s not executed”.