I particularly admire people who follow their passion and make their dreams a reality. Here are three great local marketing success stories:

Xstatic Sunsets, co-founded by Jasper Vallence and Steve Peacock

If you haven’t come across Jasper, then you’ve missed his infectious passion and love of a good dress-up outfit.

He has been hosting and organising major events for years, including Burning Seed, Australia’s regional version of ‘Burning Man’.

Burning Seed is a five day festival dedicated to creativity, collaboration, gifting & leaving no trace in the Aussie bush.

In late 2018, Jasper invited me to coffee, and said, “how about this for an idea. Creating epic drug and alcohol free dance parties around the world to create a safe haven for people to share in a natural high.”

He was sick of hearing about drug fuelled deaths at major dance parties and wanted to offer an alternative.

I thought the idea was awesome.

And a few weeks later, Xstatic Sunsets was born.

He had crafted the mission: to create the ultimate dance floor experience with the best music, people, natural setting and sunset locations to get people moving, vibing and connecting.

With the express purpose: to inspire a healthy party culture & improve mental health

And he built the concept around 5 key principles:

  1. You’re Invited no matter your age or background. Join a community of movers and shakers. Fear no judgement. Everyone is rocking their own vibe. We respect and admire each other’s uniqueness, form of expression and dress. So feel comfortable to come as you are or dress up to inspire. Bring your kids, bring your grandma, our parties brings us back together to move and connect.
  2. Express & Inspire. Be ridiculous and have fun! Don’t hold back. This is the time to let go of social norms and truly express yourself. Dressing up allows us to step into a new character, let go and dance! Act up, entertain and form the tapestry of moving bodies to inspire and ignite the light in others. Add some colourful accessories or go all out, there is no judgement. You’re playing a role to inspire others to ‘move’ and truly let go!
  3. Balance & Wellness. Set the intention to party sober and bring your natural energy. Our parties are so good you won’t need anything. Leave your substances at home and enjoy the natural high that’s waiting to rise inside you. We replace alcohol and chips with healthy drinks and food which nourishes you and lifts your vibration. You will need it! After 6 hours of dance you will be ready for a good night’s sleep, so you can rock your Sunday and dance into work on Monday morning.
  4. Community – bring your friends! Our vision is to grow the healthy dance community and promote the opportunities to dance more often to be happier and healthier. We encourage you to explore and discover the many conscious dance forms and events available most nights of the week. Share with your friends, lets grow the community and movement for sober dance.
  5. Leave No Trace. Our beautiful nature sunset locations are the essence of what makes our parties so great! Uniting us as one, connecting us to the earth and allowing us to truly release in the golden glow of the sun. The least we can do is leave it as we found it (or potentially cleaner!). Look after your own rubbish, take it with you and feel good about preserving the wonderful nature for others to enjoy.

Jasper, and his team, launched the concept on the 6th of April 2019, on Shark Island under spectacular blue skies, and luckily, with an incredible sunset over Sydney Harbour, the city skyline, Harbour Bridge, and Opera House.

The theme was dancing through the decades and over 500 people had a blast naturally.

You can get a taste of it here:

Or get involved with the tribe on Insta

The event gained great media coverage and was a PR success story. Click here to see Jasper interviewed on 10Daily

So if you’d like to delve in and find out when the next event is being held, then just click here

Mermaids, Cowboys and Indians Clothing Co

The brain child of ex-advertising industry talent, Cathy Simonetti.

I stumbled across Cathy’s retail shop on Darley Road in Manly (58 Darley Road).

Her shop-front window had top hats with pheasant feathers, Indian headdresses, tulle skirts, gold goggles and so much more.

I had to pop my head in and see what else she had. And was soon surrounded by the most amazing array of quirky clothes and accessories.

Cathy wanted to follow her passion of bringing a bit of quirkiness into every day. She believes we’ve all become way too PC and lost a bit of the fun side of life. In her words, after I asked who typically buys from her and when do they wear it, “I tell people why wouldn’t you wear that walking down the main street to get a coffee.”

She makes her own concepts, and also sources clothing and accessories from around the world.

Her aim is to see people expressing themselves with a little bit of flair. So I ended up buying a few cracking pieces to add to my wardrobe. And have been back many times for additional purchases.

So if you’re in Manly, then you may just see me in a café wearing a Viking helmet, or Indian headdress.

And if you’d like to mix your life up a bit too, then pop your head in one day and say hi to Cathy. You never know what you’ll walk out with.

You can also follow her and discover a bit of serendipity on Facebook and Insta


Solar Choice

Founded by Angus Gemmell in 2008, with the objective of providing Australian solar energy consumers with market transparency, and the tools to make well informed and immediate comparisons for solar installations.

Angus has built a network of leading installers, and offers a quote comparison engine for consumers, and an innovative Commercial Tender Management Platform for businesses looking to switch to solar energy solutions.

Formerly a barrister, Angus threw away his wig and gown, when he saw a market gap in the renewable energy space.

He took a punt in developing the Solar Choice web platform, and then ran hard to get people on board.

He has also pioneered the development of many of Australia’s largest solar farms, including the 2.3megawatt (MW) Mount Majura Solar Farm in the ACT; and the Gannawarra Solar Farm – located west of the rural Victorian town of Kerang – which is being constructed in stages, with an eventual total capacity of up to 300MW.

Spending his spare time looking at maps and pinpointing key farms near the electricity grid. Then contacting the owners to discuss offering alternative income sources in exchange for tracts of unused farm land to place an array of solar panels. Thus allowing clean energy to be imported directly into Australia’s electricity grid.

I particularly admire his focus, ambition, passion, and endless drive to make things happen for the betterment of society.

If you’re interested to get in touch, or would like to find out more, then click here Solar Choice