I recently flew back from regional Australia to Sydney. As I was thumbing through the Rex flight magazine, an¬†article called “Dave’s flight” caught my eye.

I’m not sure why. However, maybe it was because the headline was personal.

As I read on, I thought this is truly loyalty marketing at its best.

It’s a story¬†that The Pantry on Egmont cafe owner Paul Denmead, was relaying about the experience of rewarding his most loyal customer, David Clarke – with a trip to Broken Hill.

David suffers from autism, so I’ll let you read the article for all the details.

Suffice to say, that you don’t need to overinvest in huge CRM platforms, technology that you only use 20% of, or waste resources on bombarding customers with automated communication.

Treat customers as VIP and let advocacy take over.

Well done Paul.