Many marketers are scratching their head at the e, f, or m-commerce opportunities available today.

However what I love seeing, are the marketers that get on and just do it. Try something. What’s the worst they can do. Fail? Cock it up?

Well at least they’ll have a story to tell at next year’s Mumbrella360 (if they keep the marketing cock-up confessional

This Blog post is about shoes, pizza, lockers and $3M.

If you haven’t joined the dots, then let me share with you what’s been intriguing me this week.

My daughter is now 16 and I find myself window shopping for these little suckers. A Father’s worst nightmare.

Well at least she hasn’t heard of Style Tread. Yet!

Style Tread launched a 3-hour shoe delivery service in Sydney for orders placed before 6pm. And it only costs an additional $4.95.

They tested it at the launch versus a pizza delivery and guess which one arrived first? Yes the shoes.

If you can’t lock up your daughters then get an Australia Post locker.

Australia Post claim that they were delivering an extra 100,000 parcels a day over Christmas 2011 and have seen a new market opportunity. With approximately 70% of those parcels being generated from e-commerce they’ve launched Parcel Locker.

You simply use the Parcel Locker pick up address when ordering online and Australia Post email or SMS you with a locker number and access code when your parcel is ready for pick up. Saves that annoying trip on a Saturday morning!

Although if I had $3M then I’d put up with it.

Shoes of Prey does. It has just raised $3M investor capital for its design your own shoe business.

Yes, founders Michael and Jodi (pictured) Fox from Sydney have taken the next leap.

Having launched a successful e-commerce business in 2009 they’re showing that if you have a good idea it can go global.

With 84,030 Facebook fans, as Yazz and The Plastic Population used to sing, the only way is up.


And if you need glasses, check out the Fox’s new prescription glasses business to0,

So stop preying, and start going for it! Enjoy.