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Hopefully you can squeeze in a few minutes to read some latest posts – via TrinityP3 – on managing marketing more efficiently and effectively.

1) Three ways to put more efficient marketing process into effective practice

Are you drowning in the myriad of marketing activity? Or are you living and breathing effective operationalisation?

It’s one of the greatest challenges for marketers today. In a fragmented media world, and due to complex business structures, marketing has become a complex beast to manage.

And to manage it effectively, the volume of documentation has skyrocketed. There’s a document for everything:

Read on here to discover the list and how to put more efficient marketing process into effective practice.

2) Discover how to redefine marketing

You’ve probably read about companies removing the CMO role over the past few years, in favour of new titles and remits:

  • Coca-Cola Co. (with a chief growth officer overseeing corporate strategy and retail relationships)
  • Beam Suntory (with their president of brands position which has profit-and-loss responsibility over the company’s largest global brands, working alongside regional presidents)
  • Hyatt Hotels (with the chief commercial officer position overseeing a huge range of operations, including loyalty programs, global sales, revenue management, distribution strategy, corporate marketing, communications, digital and customer-service centres).

This doesn’t mean that the discipline of marketing is being booted to the sideline. It just means that the art and science of marketing has evolved dramatically to a new way of connecting with people, including with data-driven personalised communication and AI solutions.

The commonality of these new titles is giving greater financial responsibility and accountability for performance. As well as highlighting the need to give more consistent and unified messaging to consumers, partners, media, policymakers, and regulators.

Read on here to discover how Marketing can be redefined and revalued.

3) Simplify the complexity of all your marketing activity

Do you find yourself struggling with budget allocation, resource allocation or decision making around the myriad of marketing channels now available?

Are your marketing teams butting heads fighting for their own activity without realising the impact on other areas of your business?

The good news is that you’re not alone. Marketers are sharing these common sentiments with us:

“There is tension between teams”

“Some things should be ruled out altogether”

“There are things that are nice to have, as opposed to must have.”

In relation to marketing management, prioritisation has become one of the biggest challenges for business and marketing leaders. Magnified due to the explosion of channel outputs, and the rise of always-on and tactical engagement activity.

Read on here to discover an objective approach to prioritisation that helps overcome subjective turf wars, reduce resource and operational wastage, and increase the capacity of marketing teams.

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