As the ROI Guy, I’ve always loved maths.

Luckily, formulas have always stuck, and measurement has become my best friend in the world of advertising and marketing.

I ask marketing leaders, how well does their creative and channel activity work?

Some people rattle off media and click stats through to lead generation; some show me sales graphs of the potential (but unlinked) impact; and others show me the measurable revenue return on their investment.

However, very few are calculating the true ROI, based on incremental profit.

And even fewer again are optimising their communications activity based on this measure.

Why not?

It’s often seen as simply too difficult to attribute budget and channels correctly. And the data isn’t perfect.

As technology players and the industry also clamp down on tracking and permissions, it’s getting harder and harder to attribute success.

Sometimes I discover that it’s also not in an entity’s best interest to show the real result of activity as it puts a hole through their spend rationale.

For example, some media agencies don’t factor in bot fraud, location leakage, and other activity beyond their sphere of influence as data passes through different systems and platforms.

And sometimes the teams don’t get access to profit figures within an organisation.

How can an evidence-based solution make you shine?

Chess ROI

Image via Adlan Unsplash, France.

I’m a marketing strategist who has always brought an evidence-based approach to marketing.

I started my strategic marketing service, Front Foot Marketing, to help organisations create certainty in uncertain times coming out of the GFC of 2009.

I’ve always believed that there are opportunities to do things better.  And as technology usage and targeting, and the associated privacy implications continue to change, together with my team of specialists, we continue to help clients:

  • build a more compelling story and competitive advantage
  • optimise prospect and customer journeys
  • identify growth in customer value
  • and inspire a higher performing team culture

We help marketers stand out by helping them lead the ROI optimisation process within their organisation.

Four ways to measure ROI

We help navigate the pathway with a proven approach, that can assess ROI from four perspectives:

  1. incremental profit from customer segments
  2. customer lifecycle impact
  3. channel allocation efficiency gains
  4. and employee impact

If you’d like to get your marketing measurement on the front foot, and discuss the metrics that matter most, then drop me a message here.

I’d love to hear from you.