Given that it’s Valentine’s Day on Thursday, this post is dedicated to life, love and…well the love of marketing ideas.

Here are a few that we’ve come across lately:

  • Edible burger packaging – ever thought you’d find a hamburger so edible that you couldn’t wait to eat it? Well how about trying one at a Brazilian burger chain called Bob’s, where you can just eat the wrapper as well. Yes they’re using an edible form of packaging –  created by  advertising agency NBS. Check it out in this video:
  • Don’t know what a product is, or where to buy it? Well now you can simply post a pic to CrowdSend and let the crowd tag it to reveal the identity. You can earn rewards and points for correctly identifying products and helping people find where to buy them. Let’s bring on the power of crowd sourcing, and get CrowdSend out of it’s current beta state.
  • Ellen DeGeneres is doing an Oprah and coming to Australia. Apparently involved with Destination News South Wales, Tourism Victoria, Qantas and vitamin brand Swisse (of which Nicole Kidmna is the global ambassador). Hence she announced it whilst interviewing Nicole Kidman. Love the concept and can’t wait to see the spin offs. See the announcement here [youtube=]
  • Anyone can play with LEGO Bricks. Young & old were challenged in December 2012 to play with LEGO via a simple social campaign. A fun 3-weeks of people from over 119 countries snapping pics of LEGO figures and shapes in real world situations. The campaign videos have been viewed over 148,000 times. Check out the Happy Holiplay campaign here [youtube=] and more in the gallery at LEGO . Created by their Digital Agency Konstellation.
  • TrackMyMacca’s. Firstly only McDonalds could be renamed Macca’s in Australia. And secondly you can now use a funky image recognition code on select burger packaging to discover where the food comes from. It’s a nice use of GPS localistion, real-time supply chain data and augmented reality. Would you use the App? Check it out here: [youtube=]
  • Order pizza with a fridge magnet? Yes you can in Dubai. Red Tomato Pizza, as part of their VIP loyalty program, sent out fridge magnets that allow their best customers to order at the touch of a button via Bluetooth functionality. Apparently it has gone gangbusters and they’re in the midst of ordering a new batch. Check it out here: [youtube=]

Hope that has got your marketing tastebuds salivating.

Feel free to drop us a comment of your latest marketing loves.

Happy Valentines Week xxx