I attended the AANA & WFA Global Marketers Conference 2014 (aana.com.au/gmc2014) with Darren Wolley and fellow Senior Consultants at TrinityP3.

There were some great speakers including Martin Riley, CMO, Pernod Ricard; Marc Mathieu, Senior VP Marketing, Unilever; Michelle Froah, APAC Senior Regional Marketing Director, Kimberly-Clark; Ed Sanders, Director of Marketing, Glass Google; and the legendary Sir John Hegarty, Founder and Creative Partner, Bartle Bogarty Hegarty to name drop a few.

Like most events I go to these days, I tend to feel that we’re all talking about the same topics as we pave our way through this new era of business and marketing.

Brand advertisers have woken up to realising that they’re “not just digital marketers, but marketers in a digital world.” And people-centric, purpose-driven marketing is finally taking centre stage from product features and an all out focus on profit.

In addition to the networking opportunities, I also tend to pick up some great new case studies. I’d love to  share TEN of them with you.

So… in no particular order:

1) Durex creates Funadaware – vibrating underwear controlled by an iPhone App

Read more here: durexperiment.com

2) Huggies Giggle Factory – the first ever delivery of baby giggles

 3) Axe Apollo Space Academy – sending people into space



Read more here: space.com/19199-axe-apollo-space-launch-contest

4) Project Sunlight from Unliver – creating a brighter future


Read more here: youtube.com/user/ulprojectsunlight

5) Hudson Urban Bicycles, 365 life-cycle experiment

6) The Most Interesting Man In The World

Stay thirsty here my friends: dosequis.com/Videos/dos-equis-commercials

7) Johnnie Walker and Sons’ Epic Voyage of Discovery

Follow the story here: jwsvoyager-odyssey.com

8) Desire – a film collaboration between Jaguar and Ridley Scott



9) YouTube Symphony Orchestra – Play Your Part – a crowd sourced orchestra!


10) A retail space called STORY – a retailer that regularly revamps its store offering based on customer themes/narratives

Story Retailer