Because more marketers should use it.

Yes, WHY is the most powerful word a marketer should use.

And if you’re a marketer reading this, then you should use it wisely for both internal planning purposes, and for external consumer behaviour analysis.

Ask yourself these two golden internal questions:

  • Why is your product or service a benefit to its target market? Is it a better experience emotionally or functionally?
  • Why are you really doing a marketing campaign about it? Look at the value exchange and not just price & promotion.

And then answer these two questions:

  • Why is a consumer going to react when he or she discovers the benefit?
  • Why, if they discovered it, did they react that way? Did they evangelise or denigrate?

The questions above are designed to be thought provoking. And if you spend some time really searching for their true answers, then you’ll not only guide your company to more effective marketing campaigns, but will also start creating more profitable, two-way brand  & consumer engagement.

The 4 P’s of marketing died many years ago. And with the advent of the 4 E’s, brand engagement now rules supreme.

However in a globally connected world on social steroids don’t think brand engagement is the saviour. It’s the outcome!

I bet Qantas and Woolworths wished they’d answered these questions before running these two #epicfails!

Why do more marketers not use the most powerful word in marketing? Why?