The Vision is to become the business world’s go-to platform for digital marketing solutions.

In short, Throttl is an all-in-one marketplace to access digital marketing experts who plan and execute marketing communications projects through a centralised process. All experts are rigorously pre-vetted, saving business and marketing leaders countless hours of frustration trying to find the right marketing communications experts themself.

Founded by Christian Lehmann

Christian is an entrepreneur, marketing and business development specialist and member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation (South Australian Chapter). Previously Christian co-founded Revive Juice Bars in 2004, which became one of Europe’s largest juice and smoothie bar chains. Within five years the business was trading from 17 UK locations, had employed 140 staff and was franchised in Kuwait, Dubai, Romania and Spain.

Now turning his skillset to help more businesses succeed more often.

One team. One goal

The world of digital marketing has never been greyer. Who do you trust to guide you in the right direction? The digital team, the media agency, the strategists, the CRM and data teams, the analysts, the SEO and tech experts, search and social gurus?


If you’re a business leader or marketing manager who finds yourself increasingly scratching your head over your current resources, then now you can bolster your team with an external panel of experts.

You can access the right talent through a central Digital Growth Advisor (DGA) who will pull the right project team together for your needs.

Utilising a custom-built proprietary system and platform that streamlines interactions with all the experts required to deliver a Marcomms project.

I’ve been introduced by Christian to interesting companies looking for innovative solutions to their business and marketing problems. As a strategic planner and positioning expert, I’ve worked on projects with multiple suppliers to get activity done smoothly.

Raising the bar

Whilst I’ve had fantastic experiences with Throttl, the ultimate reward is that clients love the offering.

It not only makes their life easier, but they get a far better result than they previously were achieving with their own marketing resources.

Click here here to see how it all works.

In summary

  1. Clarity call – schedule a call to speak with a senior DGA to clarify your specific needs.
  2. SlipStreamTalent matching – a video brief is created by Throttle and sent to the appropriate experts in the talent pool. Which, as one of the experts having watched the videos, is a much better way of being briefed and getting to understand what a client is wanting. The DGA then sends you (the client) a shortlist of appropriate experts to meet.
  3. Live chemistry match sessions – you then meet the experts via live video sessions to ensure that you’re confident and comfortable that they are the right resources for your needs.
  4. Select the team – once you’ve agreed to the final team that you need, then your DGA will work closely with them using the SlipStreamsystem to create all the deliverables, timelines and pricing for each stage of your project. This will then be posted on a dashboard for your approval.
  5. Take off – your DGA will then onboard all your selected team members into your dashboard to give you full transparency on who’s doing what by when. Allowing you to track and manage every deliverable from the palm of your hand. All the experts then tick off the deliverables as they go.
  6. Centralised invoicing – once agreed milestones are achieved, or your project is complete, then the invoice is sent. Throttl manages payment to all the experts without you having to worry about setting up and managing multiple vendor relationships. Easy.
  7. Focus on the results – with you Marcomms activity in the market you can then focus on what really counts. Improved results!

10x faster delivery

Throttl’s system was developed to allow for scaling up, building jargon-free relationships, greater flexibility, overcoming hidden costs, preventing lock-in contracts, and delivering projects faster with more experienced people.

Ultimately making the complex digital world simpler for business owners to navigate.

So, if you’d like to add more firepower to your business, and supercharge your success, then why not touch base with Throttl today.

I can vouch for them.