I’ve just spent a few weeks in Thailand on a digital detox. Yes, no mobile, no iPad, no computer, no pixels. Just good old wholesome travel, discovery and social interaction!

Whilst in Chiang Mai, I read a great article on happiness in developing countries in a thing called a magazine. It highlighted many areas that I’ve written about in previous posts around what true happiness is and how it should be measured (ie: Gross National Happiness).

Thailand implemented a happiness index for all of its 77 providences in 2009. And Chiang Mai ranked 15th. No wonder everyone was so happy to sell us stuff!

However one quote in the article stood out and I wanted to share it:

“social networks have become bottomless pools into which billions of modern Narcissists sit entranced staring at their own virtual reflections”.

I challenge anyone reading this post to ask themselves whether they are adding any value in their social interactions or simply wasting time looking in the mirror. I like to think I add a little bit of value in each post rather than rant and rave.

Remember life is for living. Why wouldn’t you strive to live it happily?

If interested, then here’s the full article in pixel form 🙂