It’s a cliche, but there has never been a better time to be in marketing.

We’re on the verge of the next level of business transformation and marketing opportunity here in Australia.

Amazon stores – opening soon in Australia

Amazon has announced that it will open an online supermarket plus smaller Aldi-sized stores as part of its global rollout.

The physical stores would stock everyday items such as fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy and alcohol. These could also be ordered online and picked up via drive-thru lanes.

Plus tens of thousands of other products would be available via their app or in-store kiosks/touch screens. These products would be stocked at distribution centres and delivered direct to a customer’s home.

I’m glad we’re finally getting competition to break the Coles/Woolworths stranglehold.

Plus Aldi’s competitor, Kaufland (Schwarz Group) is eyeing Australia for its global expansion.

Exciting supermarket marketing times are finally brewing. 

Supermarket Kaufland marketing

Ticketek – cultural insights and attitudinal data that will improve marketing response rates

I recently met with the GM of analytics and insights for Ticketek Entertainment Group.

Ticketek obviously have a wealth of transaction data on customers that have bought tickets to events, concerts, and other experiences.

However they also have deep insight into Australian culture, attitudes, and beliefs. These attributes can be overlaid onto a client’s database for more meaningful insight, plus more customer-centric marketing opportunities.

For example take the latest tour Down Under by Jerry Seinfeld (August 2017). Tickets have been selling out fast so it’s guaranteed to be a huge hit, not to mention the social media conversation pre, during and post the shows. Marketers looking to target this group of consumers could do amazing tie-ins and activity to create an even more memorable experience for people. Interested? 

Forrester offers market sizing, innovation research and analytics that may just blow your marketing mind

If you’re interested in emerging digital device usage and behaviour, then check out Forrester’s Technographics data and analytics resources.

I spent the last week accessing their system and talking to their analysts.

Forrester not only has a gold mine of research, market wave reports, and other useful data, but they also offer access to their analysts and consultants to help you navigate through the hype, refine your marketing approach, and accelerate business growth.

If you’re interested to chat with them, then I’m happy to put you in touch directly. Simply email me at:

Facebook’s Live feature a Trumping success

You’ve probably seen live video feeds popping up in your Facebook feed since early 2016.

The Live feature allows anyone to be a broadcaster from wherever they are, through the power of their mobile.

During any live video feed, people can engage by commenting and liking, as well as subscribe, so that they’re notified of the next time that you’re live.

It’s an incredible marketing opportunity to unearth activity on the ground, as it happens and make it relevant to an audience of friends and fans.

You may have seen (or read about) Donald Trump’s Team using it during the third Presidential Debate. They apparently reached 24 million people during the event, which translated into 8.8 million video views (91% were unique users).

There were 1.3 million comments made about the event, and over 8 million post engagements making it one of the largest debate discussions on the internet. 

The enormous groundswell of support for Trump also generated $9 million in contributions from over 150,000 donors. 

So, it works!

Of course there are plenty of other live video platforms: check out Periscope, Hangw/, Livestream, Houseparty (the evolution of Meerkat into private group hangouts), Nom and others.

What have you come across lately that excites you as a marketer?