Everyone seems to be looking for the silver bullet when it comes to marketing.

Is it content marketing? Is it social media marekting? Is it marketing automation? Is it a single customer view? Is it programmatic media? Is it other digital technology and platforms?

Well it’s none of these.

In reality, marketers need to ground all these opportunities in a solid plan.

My consultancy has been built on helping marketers navigate through the digital hype. I help link marketing activity to a company’s core purpose, values and proof points. This allows marketers to agree a strategic territory in which to focus on before developing their communication plan and activity.

I was with a new client this morning. And as many conversations start, they wanted to discuss using social media and the frequency of posting content. However we ended up getting back to their core business, unearthing their unique story, and setting a framework to plan to.

It’s a common challenge. Don’t wish for silver bullets. Focus on aligning your marketing activity.

Looking for more insights and learnings?

Some of you may also know that I work for TrinityP3 (Australia’s leading marketing management consultancy). We help marketers navigate internal and external challenges such as team structures, processes, new agency searches, or getting the most out of current agencies on a client’s roster.

If you’re interested, then you can read here about my latest marketing insights and learnings from recent consultancy projects that covered these five key areas:

1. Aligning digital activity to marketing strategy and KPIs

2. Aligning digital team structures to your marketing department

3. Assessing the value and prioritization of customer data in driving business growth

4. Assessing third party technology solutions and vendors

5. Assessing your digital agency roster

I wonder if you are facing similar challenges. Do you feel your marketing activity is aligned? Are people in your business talking about silver bullets? Or do you feel a little at sea? Let’s discuss some of your key challenges.