No, it’s not big data, customer centricity, customer experience, digital transformation, automation, artificial intelligence, or machine learning.

In a slow economy, a greater focus is required on profit.

So it’s time to ask your various marketing silos and teams how they’re measuring the return on marketing investment. And whether marketing budgets are being spent both efficiently and effectively.

I wonder what measures your teams are looking at?

Some will say brand health, perception and value metrics from an internal staff and external market point of view.

Others will say digital engagement & social metrics.

Others will say qualified lead nurturing, customer acquisition, loyalty and advocacy metrics based on people’s perception or action.

And others will talk paid media reach and performance only.

More often than not, most of these measures tell different and conflicting stories. And don’t align back to your overall objective of delivering incremental profit.

Take a read of my LinkedIn article for four ways to help marketing leaders measure the impact of their activity by profit growth. Click here to continue reading