I recently read a MarTech article in Mumbrella about McDonald’s Australia’s ex CMO, Mark Lollback.

He was quoted about his biggest regret from his stint at Maccas being $3M wasted on utilising Salesforce MarTech for approaching CRM.

I had been approached through TrinityP3 a few years ago to offer an independent point of view. However, unfortunately Maccas chose not to proceed with the MarTech assessment. They felt that they were too far down the track with the decision.

Understandable. However, questionable when you look at it from a business ROI perspective.

If you’d like to read my rough calculations to discover that payback may have taken 34 years, then please click here

I’m not promoting ROI as the only perspective. However, it’s still one of the most important aspects to assess when considering new MarTech.

Other areas that TrinityP3 can assist with include, aligning to:

  • purpose
  • business culture
  • business and marketing objectives
  • marketing strategy
  • team structures and capability
  • team processes (internal and with the external vendor or partner)

I’m always happy to have a chinwag if you feel that your company is struggling to make strategic sense of its MarTech investments. Or if you’re looking to evolve a CRM / 1:1 / data-driven / personalisation strategy with e or m-ordering apps etc.

Often it’s about getting back to the basics and applying common sense to strategic decisions.

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