I have been working on innovation dimensions for a few clients recently, and want to share some of the more interesting things that I’ve stumbled across throughout my journey.

Have you seen the “world’s first multi-sensory bar”?  Diageo launched the ‘sensorium’, an experiment in London’s SOHO district to prove the role of senses in enjoying a product or service.


You may or may not know that the leading virtual reality headset maker, Oculus Rift, has been purchased by Facebook for $2b – however will these new headsets finally transform the retail shopper experience?


Retailers have also struggled to integrate loyalty marketing strategies into their store environment without having to rely on POS technology (ie: the shopper at the check-out). Whilst various technologies have been tested, what do you think of Apple’s iBeacons?

They’re location based transmitters that use Bluetooth signals to deliver customized and personalised communication and offers to shoppers via their mobile as they browse around a store. Are they creating a truly enriched customer experience or will they fall by the tech wayside?

Here’s an innovative use of iBeacon technology in the Antwerp Museum

Have you experienced surface technology yet? Check out the adiVerse Virtual Footwear Wall.


And here’s an interesting test of  an electromagnetic dot display


And to finish off, how could I ignore wearable tech. The enterprise tech juggernaut, Salesforce.com, has entered the wearable tech market from a workforce productivity perspective – check out Salesforce Wear


Well there you have it. Just some of the innovations that I’ve stumbled across.

I wonder what innovations you’ve seen recently? Care to share?