Are you struggling to make sense of where digital fits in your marketing mix?

Are you being hounded by technology vendors and agencies offering the next new digital ‘thing’?

Are you starting to lose faith whether your digital investments will actually deliver any business value?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing in a Data-driven World is for you.


Over 27,000 words in 10 Chapters offering tips, frameworks and tools to help redefine your digital marketing activity.

Why did I write the guide?

The aim of guide is to help demystify the digital landscape, get back to business fundamentals, and help marketing managers move from confusion to clarity in 100 days.


The Guide has been published by TrinityP3 and is available to download for FREE here.

What will you discover in each chapter?

Chapter 1: The rise and rise of digital marketing in a data-driven world

In this chapter we highlight the array of statistics (which unfortunately will be out-of-date the minute you read them) and trends that have accompanied the rise of digital and data-driven marketing.

Chapter 2: How digital marketing fits into the marketing mix

In this chapter we put digital marketing into perspective, as a silo mentality no longer applies. We look at all the key channels and activity and define how they interrelate and fit into the marketing mix.

Chapter 3: How the best of the best approach digital marketing

Chapter 4: Launch with a rock-solid foundation

Chapter 5: Listening to customers to remain relevant

Chapters 3, 4 and 5 delve into how best to approach digital marketing from a business and strategic perspective. They outline the need for marketing plans that map back to your business plan, and the need for clear objectives and measurable goals. They also describe the death of the marketing funnel as we know it. Importantly, Chapter 5 outlines the shift from product-centricity to customer-centricity, and the need to redefine customer segmentation based on emotional triggers, personas and behaviour.

Chapter 6: The new four-pillar structure for developing digital ideas

Chapter 6 explains the new art and science of creating digital marketing activity. This is no longer a linear process but involves a new approach that brings together creative ideation, compelling content stories, technologists and data scientists. This chapter will also help you reassess the internal and external resources that you will require in order to successfully evolve to next-best practice.

Chapter 7: The never-ending campaign

Chapter 8: Understanding the art and science of performance data

Chapters 7 and 8 detail the impact of being ‘always on’, as well as the need for more flexible content calendars and more actionable data reporting.

Chapter 9: Educating your brand world

Chapter 9 looks at the importance of re-skilling and realigning internal departments, including the C-suite, in order to effectively implement digital marketing in a data-driven world.

Chapter 10: Diving into digital in a data-driven world

And to make it actionable, I’ve included a framework to help implement your very own 100-day action plan.

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