If you’re advertising to women then you must read Jane Cunningham & Philippa Robert’s  new book, “Inside her pretty little head – a new theory of female motivation and what it means for marketing”.

Ok I admit I’ve dropped my male guard a little to allow this one through, however Jane and Philipa do spark some very interesting thoughts.

There are 6 key themes that they base their differences between men and women around:


  1. intellectual function
  2. base reaction
  3. stress response
  4. innate interest
  5. survival strategy
  6. mental preference

I won’t give it away but the addition of empirical evidence to explain the differences is lovely.

And if  a brand is to successfully appeal to a female audience, then they advise that it has to crack the “Feminine Code”.

Not product and emotional benefits, but contributing on 4 core dimensions to a female’s utopian desire:

  1. Altruism
  2. Aesthetics
  3. Ordering
  4. Connection

Highly recommend http://www.prettylittlehead.co.uk