Have you created marketing videos for your business?

Maybe product instructional, how to, or demo videos? Promotional or lifestyle videos to explain your product or service experience? Or maybe videos for staff training, personal branding, or community engagement?

Chances are that almost 100% of you will say, “yes, of course”.

Exponential growth

As you know, video marketing has exploded over the past few years. And with the growth of social video, and people putting themselves in front of their camera, everyone’s becoming a video marketer.

Cisco predicts that 82% of all Internet Traffic will be video by 2022.

90 percent of consumers indicate product videos directly inform purchase decisions.

And Aberdeen states that video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.

The stats are endless, so I won’t bore you.

However, the truth is that video marketing is still an art and a science. And in my marketing consultancy work, I regularly see the science part of the equation being forgotten.

Video marketing requires tried and true response techniques

Marketers are pumping out a huge volume of video content. Often created by community management and social production teams. However, there is still a need to apply direct marketing techniques to video.

More thought can be given to engage consumers within a video, and create a more compelling call to action at the end.

The opportunity is to make your marketing videos more impactful in terms of qualifying prospects as well as converting more viewers into sales.

Discover Vudoo Interactive Video

I recently met up with Andrew Spalding, who co-founded Vudoo Interactive Video. If you’re a marketing leader, then I’d encourage you to check them out here 

Vudoo specialises in interactive ways to immerse video viewers in your messages. By embedding clickable content that can be measured
and optimised in real time.

Greater recall

They’re currently launching a co-study with the University of Melbourne on the subject of ‘Cognitive Resonance’ – in this context, a student’s ability to record, and recall, more information from video course-based content as a result of their interacting with it.

Get in touch today

So, if you’re interested to find out how to make your video marketing more interactive and impactful, then why not get in touch with Andrew and his team at Vudoo.

You can request a demo, grab a coffee with them, or ask them how Vudoo interactive technology can be applied to an existing suite of videos that you may be dreaming up right now.

Touch base here if you’d like to discuss it further from a strategic perspective. I’d love to hear from you.

Or contact Vudoo directly now