If you find yourself doing any of these things….

  • striving for a paperless office
  • wishing for organic growth
  • improving your lifestyle with intelligent technology
  • launching your business into the ‘cloud’
  • seeking a perfect work-life balance
  • maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul
  • being social within as many networks as possible
  • multitasking whilst supposedly being singularly focused

… then you may have forgotten one thing. To use your brain.

The things above are all great but do you have a plan on how to achieve each? And most importantly have you worked out how they’ll all fit together for your life or business?

As I remind marketers in workshops, “you wouldn’t build a house without an architects drawing, so don’t operate in silos or do things without a clear plan or ‘Blueprint’.”

Thought #1 – don’t forget to think

Thought#1 to take away from this post. Please don’t forget to use your brain and  a bit of logic in today’s business environment.

I’m constantly amazed how many supposed advertising and digital marketing gurus are out there spruiking the latest and greatest and simply talking about theory or case studies that they’ve read about from other markets. Have they actually used their brain and asked if it is really relevant for a client? If you come across this guru, ask them why they haven’t actually tested it for themselves.

Thought #2 – back to basics

It’s time to get back to marketing basics and ask 3 simple questions:

  1. what am I selling (and why do customers want it)
  2. who am I targeting (and how many segments are there)
  3. where can I reach these different customers (and where can they spread the word for me)

Then develop strategies for how you’ll approach it and measure success. Go get ’em tigers.