It has been a busy, yet rewarding strategic consulting year in the marketing world.

I do believe that Karma exists. If you do good things, then life has a funny way of sending it back to you.

So a big thank you to all the wonderful people, clients and agencies that I’ve worked with this year:

  1. TrinityP3 and assessing NAB, GE Money, Virgin Australia, Audi and their agencies
  2. Wunderman and Microsoft for the Windows8 localisation strategy, small business segmentation model, Partner Network Conference and TechEd 2012
  3. Permission for the step-change and new opportunities
  4. Procter & Gamble for the transformation of Rouge into a social community of like-minded beauty enthusiasts
  5. NBN Co for evolving the direct to Service Provider strategy
  6. NRMA Motoring & Services for driving data to the next level
  7. Gloria Jeans coffee houses for sipping up a storm
  8. AMEX for being merchants of digitisation
  9. IT Consult for presenting up a storm
  10. Huggies for more dry nights than I can remember
  11. Fountain Medial Health for a new positioning and approach to marketing

So I salute you, real people of genius and thank you for allowing me into your world. Here’s another salute that I still love, hope you do too:


Here’s to 2013. May it bring you great things.