In keeping with my usual last post of the year, I’d like to thank all my new clients and agencies that I have worked with this year.

Thank you for allowing me to help you take your customer marketing activities to a whole new level.


Rick and Jeremy at Permission for your ongoing support and UPOP requirements

Fergus, Eddie, Rich and the team at Edge for evolving your content marketing methodology

The team at Selleys for evolving your email marketing strategy

Brian, Andrew and the worldly team at Adventure World Travel for unlocking your company and customer stories

Fran, Paul and the Team at Wesley Mission for taking your website and digital marketing to the next level

Kate and the Team at Gloria Jean’s Coffees for evolving your digital customer engagement strategy

The Executive Team at Australian Hearing for evolving your wonderful, branded content story through digital platforms

The Executive Team at Caltex for creating a premium framework for Vortex.

The Management Team at Australian Industry Group for auditing your association’s content, structures and opportunities to drive greater member value

Lorraine and her talented team at LOUD for reassessing the digital strategy and go to market offering

McDonald’s Australia for assessing your agencies and digital programs (with TrinityP3)

Kevin and the team at HONDA for assessing and advising on your outsourced Contact Centre solutions (with TrinityP3)

Rebecca and her talented team at Musica Viva for performing a new approach to prospect and customer engagement

Paul, Scott, Drew and the Executive Team at Petbarn for taking your Loyalty program and emotional engagement plans to the next level

Peter, David and the Management Team at LTG Goldrock for opening up your approach to pipeline, lead nurturing and customer management

And a big thank you on a personal level to my wife, Kalina, for delivering our little future consumer, Anouk. She was ‘acquired’ on February 15 for a relatively low cost per acquisition but will return an extremely high lifetime value and hugely positive NPS!

I urge you all to take a little break over the new year. Stop and reflect on your successes. Celebrate your little or big milestones, and recharge the batteries for a healthy, happy and exciting 2014.

Thank you again.

PS – I also fulfilled a BIG dream this year by publishing a children’s book and launching the Imagination Project.¬†Imagination Stories

Take a peak at our video platform to help inspire parents: Imagination Stories

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, and who has helped spread the word on the start of my journey to reconnect parents to their children.